If you are reading this article you are probably dog lover who love fun, adventure and your bestie! And that’s what we are all about! Dingo Dog is a community of likeminded people who love to spend their spare time with their dogs out on the fresh air. And what is better than a connection, while enriching health benefits for you and your pal?

Dingo Dog offers a wide range of activities for you and your best friend at Eastern Suburbs here in Sydney.

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About our Founder

My name is Marek Contosfalsky, owner of Dingo Dog Bootcamp specialised in dog owners body transformation and dog obedience training during one training session.

Even though I am in a position of influence now it hasn’t always been that way.

I grew up in a small town in the east part of Slovakia.

Since my childhood, I was enjoying dog training what was my main interest as a child. After many years of dog training in 2011, I have joined Slovakian Rescue Team to train dogs to help look for victims lost in the mountains or in the ruins of buildings.

Meanwhile, my passion in fitness leads to stepping up on the stage to represent my country in natural bodybuilding competition 2012.
It encouraged me to study more to get my personal trainer certificate what allowed me to help people one-on-one personal training and small group sessions to help people achieve their goals

After two years of hard work with worldwide renowned dog trainers, I was pleased to win club competitions and international competition in rescue dog training. My experience and success as a rescue dog handler allowed me to use my dog to search for lost people in search and rescue missions in some of Slovakia’s roughest terrain.

After this, I have finished my diploma in Biomedicine - Technical University of Kosice in 2015.

In search of new challenges and development in the fitness industry, I travelled to Australia.
I was pleased to lead my corporate bootcamps and personal training sessions for one year while studying on Australian College of Sport and Fitness.

Additionally, I gain experience and mentorship working alongside some of Australia’s top coaches.

Lachlan Wilmot, Strength and Conditioning Coach of Paramatta Eels in RNL
Karl Goodman, Owner of Athletes Authority
Mark Brewer, Fighters Performance Coach

I am now in a position here in Australia to share my passion of Fitness, but also the skills that I have as a dog trainer to help dog owners get in shape while learning to lead their dog to new behaviour skills.

Fitness achievements

+ Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Group Instructor
+ Slovakian Representative Natural Bodybuilding World Championship UIBBN 2012
Slovakian Representative Multi-Discipline Dog Race 2014