Dingo Dog Adventure.

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Dingo Dog Adventure

We love to enjoy stunning views, discovering new dog friendly tracks while getting social with our training buddies and friends. Dingo Dog Adventure is for free. Let us know about your interest by booking in, so we won’t miss you!

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Parramatta Lake Circuit

Date: Sunday, 1.3.2020
Meeting Time: 3:00 pm
Meeting Point: Parramatta Lake Cafe

Parking: Next to the meeting point

Destination: Circuit

Estimated Walk Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty:  Moderate
Distance: 4,2 km return

*Park Closure 5:30pm

*Dogs Required On-leash

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Consider before joining an Adventure:

+ Your condition to absolve all the adventure
Puppies may won’t be able to make it and you would need to carry him.
+ Meeting at the start point on time. We won’t wait more than 10min.
+ Some of us maybe can share a place in the car
+ Whole or most of the walk will be on-leash
+ Aggressive dogs may not enjoy the walk
+Preparing water for you and your buddy, sun-protector and safe shoes
+ Bringing up your raincoat in case