Popular questions about Dingo Dog Bootcamp

If you are willing to come, I am happy to meet you on the field.

Sure, if you like dogs as we do, feel free to join us!

Good and positive energy! We want to hang out with positive people right? 😉

No worries, give me notice one week prior and we will pause your membership

All guarantees are within you and your approach to exercising and pooch training.
I will give you all tools I dispone to see you achieve your goals. Obviously, those tools must be used in order to succeed. Can’t wait for our cooperation! ☺

The Most popular questions about class attendants

Sure you can! Certified personal trainer will be there for you to give you regression of exercises according to your own pace.

Nutrition is in one hand with exercising. That’s why I strive to help you with your nutrition habits.

The Most popular questions about dogs

According to dog’s good health, joints protection, vaccination and so on I advise 3 months or more. If you come earlier, you can join us but it’s all your responsibility.

Yes, while you will be performing exercises your pal will train as well and by the time he will get obedient.

Let’s book our private session to overcome the worst to attend the class as soon as possible.
Group training will help decrease dog aggression. I will explain how later then 😉

Good smelly sausage or cheese in small pieces are recommended.
IMPORTANT: Don’t feed your dog at least 12 hours prior the training.

If you have any further questions please contact me at contact@dingodogbootcamp.com.au