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New Fitness for your dog.


Stay Healthy

Dingo Dog Bootcamp is an amazing way to improve mental health & well-being!

Make you smile

You will not only look and feel amazing but you will have fun and meet new friends getting in the best shape of your life!

Get Active

If you have needed the push we are here for you!

Become the pack leader

You’ll not only get the body you’ve always wanted
You’ll have a well-trained, happy dog too!

Get more confident

Your whole body & physique will change shape & you
Will immediately notice increase in overall energy & Confidence!

Save money & time

You will get done dog training, weight training, cardio training for your dog and you in an hour.

Moore Park

Monday 6:30am
Tuesday 6:00am & 6:00pm 
Wednesday 6:30am & 12:00pm
Thursday 6:00am
Friday 6:30am & 12:00pm
Saturday 9:00am & 6:00pm
Sunday Closed

Our Locations

Elkington Park

Tuesday 6pm
Thursday 6pm
Sunday 9am