• XY
    I had tried to go to the gym without a personal trainer a few times, but I always gave up because I did not know how to perform the movements and establish a workout routine. It was in very unruly phase. Since I've started train with Marek, I soon felt the difference and saw results. He is a competent professional, concerned with our well-being and give us many good tips. Super recommend!
  • Mirka
    My experience with Marek and his training classes were absolutely great! He explained every step and I also got answer to every question I've asked. Marek is very patient, very educated in training and a nice person with great sense for humour. You will like his unique approach to training and the most important thing is that you will see changes and feel huge motivation. He never let you down or let you give up. After I started my training with Marek and the first results started to show, my husband wanted to change his figure, too. He watched my new way of eating and preparing meals and decided to join me. It was a surprise how soon he started to respond to training and his figure started to shape up. He felt so much better and looked great. If are you looking for a personal trainer and a great friend, you find it in Marek! He's got a big heart and he is very open-minded. Marek, we both wish you good luck and plenty of reason to keep smiling
  • Andrea
    Andrea Krajcovicova
    Dear Marek, Thank you for your online training plan… Even through the distance, but it works. I have seen huge progress already after one month of training. I have lost 6.5 kg till now. My body is stronger and my body posture has improved. I don’t suffer any pain in my back. My body has started form and shaped. Whats more, my husband appreciates my formed butt. Thank you again and I more than happy to continue and see further results of my training. Thank you very much!
  • Dominique
    Dominique Carroll
    Marek is an excellent personal trainer who takes into account your level of fitness. He’s a fun, positive personality. This bootcamp is the perfect solution for time poor dog owners wanting to boost their fitness and also exercise with their dog.